We would kindly like to welcome you to the Third International Conference for Psychodrama with Children and Youth! Understanding children’s play is a serious science and an art at the same time.  International psychodramatists working with children and teenagers have been gathering regularly for several years with the support of FEPTO. To learn and practice it requires constant refection and exchange among experts. Especially in the difficult times of war and COVID-19, children and adolescents suffer the most and professional helpers have to adapt to the current challenges.

We would like to explore the connection between the brain and play in children, adolescents, and adults and to look into this from both directions – how the brain is shaped as a result of play, how the imagination is opened, and also the neurobiological mechanisms responsible for play and how the functions of play may relate to these neural substrates.

It is time to gather again, to exchange ideas and to get new impulses. 
Come to Plovdiv, meet like-minded people and visit a beautiful city, your mind will play and get refreshed! 


Plovdiv Culture Institute, Ivan Perperliev 5 Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Start date: 28th of September, 2023

End date: 1st of October. 2023

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